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Sound Design, Sound Space and Soundturgy

Theatre Sound and Sound Designer: Art and Practice

Robert Lepage In The Space

Experiences around quantum theatre at the west side of the Golden Gate

Some notes about the writing of El lado oeste del Golden Gate (The West Side Of The Golden Gate)

From Theatre to Cinema

Proposals for the systematisation of audiovisuals in staging

Classics of China

India and Its Classics

Japan: Nô is a Classical

Robert Lepage, the humanist's pranks

Italy: Dell'Arte Classics

Technophilia and technophobia

Classics in the French way

Canada in the mood for Classics

Steele MacKaye, an inventor for the stage

A conversation with Robert Lepage at tea time

Some approaches to the sound analysis of cinema: Blade Runner by Ridley Scott

Australia: Classics in the Antipodes

USA: Classic winds in the New Continent

United Kingdom: Classical Theatre in Shakespeare's native land at the present time

Some personal views on playwriting

Two necessary exhibitions: Water on stage and Adolphe Appia: set designs

The sound designer: function and working methods

Staging methods and aesthetics of the Meininger company

The function of sound in classical Hollywood cinema during the silent era

Around 11-N_11-E's creative process

Creative Processes. ‘Ground Zero’. Theatre and Art about the 11th of september